Don’t forget about the ceiling

A square room has 6 elevations that we need to think about when designing our space: the main four walls, the floor and the ceiling. YES, the ceiling.

People tend to forget that this is an important element of a room, it doesn’t need to be white and boring. Today I gathered some inspiration images to get you thinking what can be done to the ceilings of our rooms. When looking at the pictures take a moment to imagine these rooms without the ceiling detail, and in that moment you will understand how important it is to take the ceiling into consideration when thinking of your room.

The first picture is a terrace, the honeycomb design of the wood ceiling just brings nature into the room, the tone of the wood also makes a huge difference, the overall feeling of the room wouldn’t be the same it were in lets say a mahogany finish.

via pinterest

The next picture shows you an example of how making a design with molding on the ceiling brings an unexpected element to the room. The design used for the moldings can be as simple or as complicated as you want, but it should be determined taking your whole room into consideration, you can see how the circular design of the ceiling is connected to the circular details of the windows.

via pinterest

The third room is all about the wallpapered ceiling, the room is really simple and the intricate design of the wallpaper used adds a high impact element to the room

via pinterest

The least expensive and easiest way to change up your ceiling is by applying a paint color, it can be a high contrast color as the one in the picture or a more muted color but it can really add that something special to your space. This room has a really old and vintage feeling because of the frames but the glossy blue ceiling just brings a modern element that brings it all together and makes it extra special.

via pinterest


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