Spotlight – Marcelo Rosenbaum

This wasn’t my planned post for today, but when you see the images you will understand why I took a different turn.

Marcelo Rosenbaum is a brazilian designer whose job just left me craving for more, his play with contrasts adds so much to his projects. I will show you images from two of his projects so that you can get an idea of his work, you can go to his website to see more projects by clicking here.

The first image is from a bathroom from the project “apartamento higienoplis”. The contrast in textures and sheen of materials makes the space what it is. Simple materials were used: wood, mirror, marble, and tile; but the way they were used together is stunning.

Marcelo Rosenbaum - via pinterest

The next couple  of images are from a restaurant in Sao Paolo called Dalva e Dito, and I must say that the terrace is really what got to me.The wood screen walls, the hanging plants, the flooring selection, the pairing of the chairs with the reclaimed wood tables,  I really don’t know where to start, I can’t say what’s my favorite element it’s the complete setup of the room that is perfect.

Michael Rosenbaum - Dalva e Dito Restaurant

Michael Rosenbaum - Dalva e Dito Restaurant

Here’s hopping these images leave you inspired for great things!


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