Kim Kardashian’s House

Does anybody else feel that everywhere you look something is being said about Kim Kardashian’s divorce? Today I’m posting about Kim Kardashian, yes I know you are tired of hearing about the divorce, but wait I’m posting photos of her house.

She has a 4,000 square foot Tuscan style house in Beverly Hills that has some spaces worth showing, even if you don’t like the show you can get some inspirations from these images.

via Hooked on Houses

via Carmen Vogue

via Hooked on Houses

via Carmen Vogue

There are some things I like and others I don’t but hey to each his/her own right? But no one can deny that those are some gorgeous dark wood floors that just make a beautiful contrast with all the white.


One thought on “Kim Kardashian’s House

  1. I can see Kim is certainly a fan of the color white. While I like some elements in her bedroom and sitting room (the white gives these rooms a fresh look), I think the home would have looked better if some other color were splashed upon it. Something to make the rooms more vibrant and vivid. But then again, it’s her personal choice.

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