Designer Spotlight – Ana Antune

I’m calling calling this post designer spotlight but actually it should be called “designer discovery”. Early this morning while doing my daily blog rounds I discovered through Marcus Design, one of my daily reads, the great talent of Ana Antune. Ana Antune is a designer from Portugal, she has a TV Show there and also has a great blog that showcases design but when I saw the images of her apartment and of the bathroom design she made for Leroy Merlin’s store in Alfragide, Portugal I just knew instantly I had to post about her.

First I’ll start with the images of her apartment, which is beautifully done by using a feminine color palette and mixing traditional and modern elements to get a glamorous effect.

Now for the glamorous black and white bathroom she designed for Leroy Merling, there is just something about black and white that when done correctly it just can’t be beat.

All images are via Ana Antune’s website Home Styling, and you can see more pictures of her apartment by clicking here and more images of the bathrooms she did for Leroy Merlin by following this link.

Did you know Ana Antune’s work? If you are just learning about her as I’m what are yout thoughts?


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