Soho Loft full of personality

Wait until you see what I have for you today, the minute I laid eyes on this project it just brought a smile to my face. It’s a Soho Loft that is just full of personality and I swear it just makes me happy to see it.

It’s done by Amy Beth of ABC Dragoo, who is an artist, designer and stylist from New York, you can learn more about Amy Beth by going to her site ABCD Design. I found the apartment via Houzz and I just knew I had to share it with you as soon as I stumbled upon the first picture.

I’ll start posting with the image that won me over: the bathroom; this was the first image I saw and something about how that Miss Dollar print was just perfectly complemented by the perfect tone of grey from wall and ceiling and the white from the tiles screamed perfection for me.

Soho Loft eclectic bathroomThen came the bedroom, the perfect mix of posh world traveler masculinity I like! The poster bed is gorgeous in its simplicity, the leather chairs add so much character to the space, and the plush rug add a chic element.
Soho Loft eclectic bedroomThe kitchen is just so clean with a touch of playful with the black chandelier that compliments the black range. The color of the cabinets works so well with the wood floors and the cleanliness of the white contrasts beautifully against the grainy wood.
Soho Loft eclectic kitchenAnd finally I’m going to show you the living room. I’m a huge fan of the Chesterfield sofa and the white used just works wonders with the rug and the orange. The mirrored wall behind it all just opens the space up and adds an accent element that can’t go unnoticed.
Soho Loft eclectic living roomAll images are via ABC Dragoo’s profile page on Houzz which you can see here, don’t forget to click over if you want to see more images of this loft.
I would love to hear what you think about this project.

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