Greg Natale – Farage Head Offices

Yes, I know I already posted about Greg Natale here but what can I say I ‘m obsessed with his designs, he is just so talented.

Today I’m posting about the Farage Head Office he designed, I wasn’t familiar with the brand since it’s a clothing shop from Australia, but let me tell you I went to their site to learn more and was I surprised to see that the design of the space just goes perfectly hand in hand with the products they offer.

So without further ado, I give you the Farage Head Offices by Greg Natale

They have the perfect mix of masculinity, crisp and softness, rustic with classical glamour all at the same time; yes as you can see that mix is possible and Greg Natale is able to achieve with it feeling effortless.

And now to prove my point of how the space matched the product, take a look at the following women’s power suit by Farage and tell me I’m wrong!

I feel powerful just by seeing the picture! All images of the interiors are via Greg Natale’s website here and the power suit is via Farage’s website here.

I would love to hear your thoughts!


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