Before and After

So this is the perfect time to show you a before and after of one of my projects, It’s an extremely long and narrow hallway which underwent a really dramatic makeover.

Hallway - Before and After (click on the picture for a clearer view)

This hallway connects the sleeping and social areas of the apartment with the kitchen and breakfast area so it gets really high traffic. I think this is a great example of how small changes but done correctly can completely transform the space.

The changes made include: applying wallpaper to the space, adding the wood baseboard and making a scaled layout plan for the images.Details regarding each one of the choices below:

  • Regarding the wallpaper I went for a tone that brings out the gorgeous marble floor tonality and also since it has a little sheen light bounces off the walls.
  •  The wood baseboard also helps bring out the natural tones of the marble by acting as a frame and bringing your attention to the floor so that it doesn’t go unnoticed as happened in the before pictures.
  •  The client had 25  pictures that are of great importance to the family and wanted them to have the importance they deserved, the previous layout wasn’t organized, by making a plan to follow for hanging with the exact dimensions of each one of the images and also with the application of the white molding we give the pictures more importance and also the sense of order you get from the space makes a huge difference

I’ll make future posts of more before and after pictures of this project.

I would love to hear your comments.