Mercato di Vetro by Mark Zeff

Today I’m sharing with you Mercato di Vetro, an eatery inspired by Italian markets designed by super talented Mark Zeff.

The way different textures work together, the classical elements and the modern elements, the red bar, the red staircase, and the detail that the colored bottles add to the bar area made me fall in love immediately with the space.

All images by Ryan Forbes/SBE via Mark Zeff’s website here, and you can see more pictures of the restaurant by going here.


Designer Spotlight – Martha Angus

I stumbled upon Martha Angus website and immediately knew I had to post about her work, she incorporate a modern feel to her classical designs that is timeless.

I’m all for interior that feel classic and that will grow with you as your taste changes and matures and this is a perfect example of those interiors.

I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

This last picture is my particular favorite of them all: the paint color, the art over the desk, the furniture selection, and the subtle touches of color.

All pictures are via Martha Angus website, don’t forget to take a view at her portfolio.

Do you have a favorite?

The new bunk bed

We can all forget about the old metal, boring and lack luster bunk bed we grew up with, it’s all about built-in bunk beds now; and let me tell if I was a child again I would be begging for one.

via pinterest

via pinterest

via Herlong Architects

My mind immediately goes back to the sleepovers I had with my school friends and how much fun would have been added to them just by having a built-in bunk bed like these.

Does your inner kid crave one?

Bathroom Perfection!

Today’s bathroom won me over immediately and I really wanted to share it with you, it’s designed by Toronto Interior Design Group, I recommend you head over to their page and be amazed.

I need to start with the floor because the mosaic design is just perfection, and let me say it WOW! The marble used in the wall has some slight brown veins that don’t make the bathroom cold as grey can tend to do, also pay special attention to the mirrored bath front, and I cant’ leave behind the sleek vanity.

In two words: Bathroom Perfection!!!

All Images are via Toronto Interior design group’s portfolio here.

Have a nice day!

Designer Spotlight – Erin Martin Designs

Those of you who go through tons of design sites will know that happy feeling you get when you stumble upon a designer who is just a fresh mix of styles and is incredibly talented that you just want to move into the projects you are watching; well that is exactly the feeling I got when I went to Erin Martin Designs website.

Today I’m posting specifically from the {there’s no place like home} project, and let me tell you get ready to see some great design!

The perfect choice of materials, color palette, and mix of styles! My bags are packed and I’m ready to move in. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love houses that are as beautiful as this one but are livable.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

I just had to share

I was going through pinterest (ten minutes I give myself to regroup and keep on working) and Irma from LilyandRose1126 had pinned the following quote that I just had to share with you guys!

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So well said that I just had to post it immediately.


Working Weekend

So today is Friday, at last, but I have tons of work to do this weekend so no relaxing time for me and to make things worst I’m fighting off a cold that’s been driving me crazy all week!

Since I’m going to be working nonstop today I’m posting inspiring and “make you want to work” office spaces.

via pinterest

via pinterest

via pinterest

Wait! I can’t do it I need at least one relaxing picture in this post to remind you to relax and also to keep me focused on what is going to be my reward for this hard weekend.

via Home DSGN

Have a nice weekend! Enjoy!