Pemberton Place by Jay Corder

The minute I stumbled upon Pemberton Place by Jay Corder I fell in love with the house, it is so well done so much  attention as put on materials and spaces that you can sense immediately the passion the designer puts into his project.

I discovered the house while browsing through Houzz, one click led to another until I found myself on Jay Corder’s Houzz profile looking in complete awe at the first picture of Pemberton Place that caught me: the hallway.

Hall contemporary hallHow can anyone not fall in love with this hall, the floor, the bench in the niche, the rug, the curtains: I can’t stop myself! You can see why I needed to post about it, so without any more delays I give to you more pictures from Pembertone Place by Jay Corder.
Dining Room contemporary dining room
Master Bedroom contemporary bedroom
Kitchen contemporary kitchen
Swimming Pool contemporary poolCompletely in love with the materials, play of rugs on rugs and colors used throughout.
All photos are by Zac Seewald, and all the images shown are via Pemberton Place Houzz portfolio were you can also go to see more stunning pictures.
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Designer Spotlight – Erin Martin Designs

Those of you who go through tons of design sites will know that happy feeling you get when you stumble upon a designer who is just a fresh mix of styles and is incredibly talented that you just want to move into the projects you are watching; well that is exactly the feeling I got when I went to Erin Martin Designs website.

Today I’m posting specifically from the {there’s no place like home} project, and let me tell you get ready to see some great design!

The perfect choice of materials, color palette, and mix of styles! My bags are packed and I’m ready to move in. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love houses that are as beautiful as this one but are livable.

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Breakfast: make room for it!

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don’t worry this is not a nutritional post but since we should make room for breakfast we should also have a special space to eat it! Today’s post is all about breakfast nooks and breakfast bars, so I’m posting early to inspire you to have a good and hearty breakfast in a lovely space in your kitchen!

In two years I have eaten in my formal dining room maybe 3 times, that’s why the idea of a well done breakfast nook or comfortable bar area in your kitchen makes so much sense for me.
All images are via Houzz, click on each image if you would like to learn more.
Where do you normally eat? Dining room or a more relaxed informal area of your house?
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Stunning Chicago apartment


Going through Kadlec Architecture + Design’s website I discovered this project in the historic Palmolive building in Chicago that I’m sure you will agree is a stunner!

The neutral color palette is just perfectly executed, it just makes the apartment feel warm, clean and glamorous all at the same time; below you will find the images that speak for themselves.

Lets start with the kitchen: the dark wood floors act as the perfect canvas to make the light wood cabinets stand out, the choice of the stainless steel tops and backsplash adds a modern industrial feel that is balanced out by the Carrara marble island top.

The guest room that includes a gorgeous sitting area, was done in a neutral color pallette that makes it relaxing and inviting, the clean look of the apartment acts as a great backdrop so that the city and lake views are still able to stand out.

Below you will find images of the master bedroom and a bathroom with the walls in dark marble. The master bedroom is done in a darker tone than the ones used in the rest of the apartment, and the chocolate hues make it feel warm. The marble tiles in the bathroom were done in the perfect format, it isn’t the same to have a marble wall in 4×4 tiles than to work with slabs or bigger pieces that are cut precisely to what you need.

All images are via Kadlec Architecture + Design’s website, and if you wish to see more stunning images of this apartment you must click here.

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Soho Loft full of personality

Wait until you see what I have for you today, the minute I laid eyes on this project it just brought a smile to my face. It’s a Soho Loft that is just full of personality and I swear it just makes me happy to see it.

It’s done by Amy Beth of ABC Dragoo, who is an artist, designer and stylist from New York, you can learn more about Amy Beth by going to her site ABCD Design. I found the apartment via Houzz and I just knew I had to share it with you as soon as I stumbled upon the first picture.

I’ll start posting with the image that won me over: the bathroom; this was the first image I saw and something about how that Miss Dollar print was just perfectly complemented by the perfect tone of grey from wall and ceiling and the white from the tiles screamed perfection for me.

Soho Loft eclectic bathroomThen came the bedroom, the perfect mix of posh world traveler masculinity I like! The poster bed is gorgeous in its simplicity, the leather chairs add so much character to the space, and the plush rug add a chic element.
Soho Loft eclectic bedroomThe kitchen is just so clean with a touch of playful with the black chandelier that compliments the black range. The color of the cabinets works so well with the wood floors and the cleanliness of the white contrasts beautifully against the grainy wood.
Soho Loft eclectic kitchenAnd finally I’m going to show you the living room. I’m a huge fan of the Chesterfield sofa and the white used just works wonders with the rug and the orange. The mirrored wall behind it all just opens the space up and adds an accent element that can’t go unnoticed.
Soho Loft eclectic living roomAll images are via ABC Dragoo’s profile page on Houzz which you can see here, don’t forget to click over if you want to see more images of this loft.
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Designer Spotlight – Greg Natale Design

As I mentioned last week I was working on a spotlight to showcase the great talent that is found in Greg Natale Design. Greg Natale Design has been operating in Australia since 2001, and they offer residential, retail and commercial design.

Today’s post focuses on the Astor Apartment which is the project that I gave you a sneak peak to last week with the green kitchen post, if you missed it I recommend you go over to it by clicking the link.

All images are via Greg Natale’s website, you can see more images of this project by going here and remember to check out friday’s post of the green kitchen that is part of this project by going here.

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THE green kitchen

Do I have a treat for you today! I have to admit I’m not really a color green kind of person, I like it in small pops of color but the following kitchen has just won me over. The perfect tone of green, paired with the Carrara and black marble is just a masterpiece.

via Greg Natale

via Greg Natale

The designer behind this bold statement of a kitchen is Greg Natale, I’m working on a spotlight of the designer that I’m planning to post next week so stay alert because this kitchen is just a small sample of his amazing talent.

Have a nice weekend!