Designer Spotlight Barrie Benson

I love to see a room with a mix of modern and traditional elements all from different periods, and that have a play on color and let me tell you that Charlotte based Barrie Benson is a master in the craft.

Today I’m showcasing Barrie Benson Interior Design‘s work, and let me tell you that browsing through her portfolio is a feast for the eyes as well as for the interior design stalker in us.

The way different textures, fabrics, colors, periods and styles are juxtaposed is pure perfection and speaks directly to me and made me a believer as soon as I saw the first image of her work.

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PH by Interiors by Steven G

Maybe you have never heard of Interiors by Steven G, and even if you have you should head over to his website and browse all of the portfolio section, they have some spectacular work.

Today I’m posting about a 3 story Penthouse in Las Olas, it’s a really contemporary apartment that has warm touches throughout that really appeal to me, and I hope they appeal to you too.

All images are via Interiors by Steven G’s website here, and you can follow the same link if you want to see more pictures of his gorgeous work!

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s rental

Hi my name is Anna Mae and I’m a twilight fan, not precisely a Twihard but definitely a fan, probably the only person who still hasn’t seen Breaking Dawn but that can be easily fixed.

So when I saw on Perez Hilton that Rob and Kristen were selling their house I had to learn more. I followed every link in my search for more and ended up in Mossler Properties website who have the listing. The property is really stunning it’s an almost half-acre compound in Selkirk Lane in L.A.’s Bel Air neighborhood, and it’s listed for nearly $6 million, the house isn’t actually Robert and Kristen’s they recently rented it.

And now for the pictures: I’m posting images of the interiors and the exteriors which are just as stunning, when going through the eye candy make sure to pay attention at the view from the different rooms.

I think the views are what make the house, they are its number one attribute, but hey maybe someone out there is willing to pay the price just because Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart rented it, who knows.

All images are via Mossler Properties website here, you can see more images also by following the link.



Designer Spotlight – Erin Martin Designs

Those of you who go through tons of design sites will know that happy feeling you get when you stumble upon a designer who is just a fresh mix of styles and is incredibly talented that you just want to move into the projects you are watching; well that is exactly the feeling I got when I went to Erin Martin Designs website.

Today I’m posting specifically from the {there’s no place like home} project, and let me tell you get ready to see some great design!

The perfect choice of materials, color palette, and mix of styles! My bags are packed and I’m ready to move in. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love houses that are as beautiful as this one but are livable.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Designer Spotlight – Nichole Loaicono

Everyone that reads ADORE MAGAZINE has fallen in love with Nichole Loiacono’s design for the PR Office in Manhattan that was featured in the oct/nov issue.

This is the office I’m talking about, and I must say I’m one of the people who fell in love at first sight with the space. The mix of bold and modern elements with classical is done so well; it has the perfect play with textures and don’t get me started on the color palette.I decided to go through her portfolio to see the rest of her designs and she has some beautiful work, below you will find some images of two of her other projects that made me an immediate follower of her work.

All images are via Nichole Loaicono’s website here, and by clicking on the images on the post they take you to see more beautiful pictures of each of the projects featured.

Have a nice day!

Let a little gray into your life

I have a confession I’m a huge Gray lover! I just think it adds so much character to a space and it can be modern, traditional, classical, ultra masculine or even ultra feminine, any way you decide to play it: it will work; mainly because there are so many undertones that it never feels like just a shade lighter than black.

Today’s post is of a Greenwich Penthouse by Tiffany Eastman Interiors that I found via Houzz and instantly loved, you can see more pictures of the apartment by clicking here.

Greenwich Penthouse contemporary bedroom
Greenwich Penthouse eclectic bedroom
Greenwich Penthouse traditional dining room

Greenwich Penthouse traditional living room
You can see more great examples of Tiffany Eastman’s work by clicking here, all images are by Tim Lee Photography.

Stunning Chicago apartment


Going through Kadlec Architecture + Design’s website I discovered this project in the historic Palmolive building in Chicago that I’m sure you will agree is a stunner!

The neutral color palette is just perfectly executed, it just makes the apartment feel warm, clean and glamorous all at the same time; below you will find the images that speak for themselves.

Lets start with the kitchen: the dark wood floors act as the perfect canvas to make the light wood cabinets stand out, the choice of the stainless steel tops and backsplash adds a modern industrial feel that is balanced out by the Carrara marble island top.

The guest room that includes a gorgeous sitting area, was done in a neutral color pallette that makes it relaxing and inviting, the clean look of the apartment acts as a great backdrop so that the city and lake views are still able to stand out.

Below you will find images of the master bedroom and a bathroom with the walls in dark marble. The master bedroom is done in a darker tone than the ones used in the rest of the apartment, and the chocolate hues make it feel warm. The marble tiles in the bathroom were done in the perfect format, it isn’t the same to have a marble wall in 4×4 tiles than to work with slabs or bigger pieces that are cut precisely to what you need.

All images are via Kadlec Architecture + Design’s website, and if you wish to see more stunning images of this apartment you must click here.

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